Developing myself..

I’m already in the States for exactly two months now. Time passes so fast. I can still remember the moment when I stepped into the airplane and I did not know what to expect for the next months. I was so excited about getting to know new people, to study in a different country, to handle everything on my own. But the most interesting and at the same time scariest thing for me was the question:  Will I change? If so, how? In which direction ?

I still don’t know how it will end and how different I will be when I go back to Germany. But I already know that I changed.. It is not only about friends telling me that I talk different and got different opinions about things than I had a couple of months ago. I mention it also by myself. I’ll get more independent with every day, I think more about what I really want and I already strongly improved my time management skills.

I like the feeling of developing myself everyday… 🙂