Pictures capture memories..

I love not only the sun but also photography. This picture shows both of them in their purest beauty!

Pictures can tell more than 1000 words and they can catch the most beautiful moments in your life. If you save a memory in a picture, you’re able to remember the feelings and thoughts you had in this special moment again just by looking at the picture. Unfortunately, people cannot experience moments twice, but with pictures you will always remember them.


Photo by Moyan Brenn


Social Media Marketing

As I mentioned by myself, social media is getting more and more important for me and also for nearly everybody around me. Especially in the U.S., social media seems to be a very important and current topic. While using social media, I get more and more in contact with companies sharing their content or information about their products, what awakes my attention. Now I want to know more about the background why companies use social media, how they use it and further with which goals or intention they do it. I want to know how companies’ use of social media influences me and others and why it is working.