Generation Y and Happiness

A couple of days ago, I read an interesting article about several reasons why the Generation Y is mostly unhappy with their current situation (click here for the original article). While I read it, I found more and more parallels and consensuses in my own life (probably as I am part of the Generation Y) what made me think my own happiness.

The author states that kids born in the Generation Y were given the idea of unbounded opportunities and optimism by their parents. That’s true. My parents always told me I could reach whatever I want to and that if I work for something, I will achieve it. Of course, I might experience up and downs during my lifetime, but in general the ups would outweigh. For the author, this doctrine is the reason why the Generation Y is looking for a more fulfilling career rather than for a secure one. I find evidences for it in talks with my dad, too. He always wants to know when I will start working to make money as he started his career when he was 15. My answer is still the same: ‘I don’t know yet, Dad. I’m not 100% sure what exactly I wanna do.’ We are all looking for this one career that makes us happy. We do not really care about the fact that as long as we are looking for the right career, we sacrifice the opportunity of making money and building the base for our own life.

Another point I definitely agree with is the phenomena of Facebook image crafting the author points out. Social media is pretty important today. We use it on a daily basis. We try to post pictures and things which throw a good light on us. Honestly, who wouldn’t be mad at his/her friend if he/she posted a really embarrassing or ugly picture of you on your timeline? Who would delete it right away? We are all concerned about what others think about us and we normally don’t want to show too much of our flaws and mistakes. So, if you look at all these different Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or Instagram pictures, you see how perfectly the lives of the people around you seem to be. To be honest, sometimes I get a little jealous. And yes, I start comparing myself with this putatively perfect people.

So what do I take away from this article? Hmm..maybe that I should still work hard for my dreams even though I might be able to achieve what I want. Nothing can be created out of nothing! And maybe that I shouldn’t pay too much attention on what’s going on on social media. If I am happy with my life, who cares about how others are doing? Everyone is fighting their own battles, so concentrate on yourself rather than on others.


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